Founded in 1992 by Can Okan, ITV Inter Medya started out as a film distribution company serving the Turkish film industry solely within the domestic market. In its first ten years, its basic market structure remained more or less the same but soon found itself operating both inbound and outbound.

Beginning in 2001, ITV Inter Medya expanded its range to cover the Central and Eastern European markets, Russia and the CIS countries, Central Asia and the Baltic states.

From 2007, the nature of the content ITV Inter Medya provides has also radically changed: telenovelas “Made in Turkey,” TV series and to a lesser extent, Turkish feature films, started to draw broad interest from all these markets as well as the Middle East and North Africa. With solid market demands both local and international; and accompanied by strong governmental support, the Turkish film industry and TV content production business developed more and gained further stature. ITV Inter Medya became an international company distributing content in over 110 countries.

At the beginning of 2014, ITV Inter Medya sold Turkish Drama series to Spanish-speaking TV channels in the United States and in 21 South American countries. The company also started to develop genuine and fruitful relationships in the Asian market.

In 2016, ITV Inter Medya started to develop and produce entertainment, reality and game show formats by bringing together a creative team and has taken important steps into becoming a significant content distributor in the field in both the local and international markets.

This year, in 2017, Inter Medya celebrates its 25th year anniversary with a new name and a fresh look. In these 25 flawless years of service, Inter Medya never failed to underscore the global transformations of its markets. The company managed to earn its clients’ trust and loyalty through a satisfactory and sustained service record and a library that always manages to stay current.

Today, Inter Medya is not just a successful and modern content distributor but also a powerful business developer with very strong business relationships and a consultant with significant experience in the industry. Within this frame, the company has proven itself as a problem solver in new media content, films, TV series and formats. Cooperating between various countries and regions, Inter Medya is continuously researching and internalizing new business models, concepts and techniques, basing its services on a solid technological ground that can provide the most accurate and punctual services.

In the last 25 years of service, Inter Medya’s most important accumulation is its trustworthy work relations that have spread in many countries around the world by providing a rich content range and following a pricing policy respected by its business partners. Consistently and reliably spreading the Turkish TV and film industry to the foreign market, the company is adamant on developing and increasing this contribution in the coming years.