Tom and Tommy are twins. They are hard to distinguish but their eye color gives them away.
Their room is their own little world, no grown-ups, the kids are kings and the games are endless. They have a lot of toys.
Tom and Tommy change roles each day and always plot against each other, full of life and energy they always try to find a way to outsmart one another and place new traps in their room. They don’t choose the time of day to get into trouble, it’s always chaos around them even in the night.
Tom is the blue-eyed menace always ready to find creative ways to bug his brother. Tommy just looks like a cute green-eyed boy but inside he just loves to outsmart and ruin his brother’s fun for his own pleasure.
Enjoy the adventures of Tom and Tommy and have a great laugh and cheer for your favorite twin.

  • Tom & Tommy NSWD
  • Srdjan Vukmirovic Animation
  • - 26 x 2,5 minutes
  • YEAR  
  • 2018  

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