“Life is a catastrophe to bear” indeed, from the most prosperous to the poorest, happiest to the most anxious, the art of bearing life is us earthling’s everlasting task. When life was clamorously handing him agonies to bear, İlhan insisted on bringing grace into it. İlhan was born as the third child to a set of immigrant Turkish parents in Germany. Following their mother’s sudden disappearance when they were babies, three siblings wound up in Adana, their uncle’s house. Their father, Mustafa, said he couldn’t take care of them and abandoned them to their brother Ahmet. During their time in Adana, their uncle Ahmet and their aunt Melahat took the children under their wing. Especially Melahat… She had always treated İlhan and his brothers like her own. The children trusted their uncle more than their father who had left them. But at the end of the day, they were still kids… The longing to a mother had never left their hearts. İlhan had always thought their mother left most especially for she had never loved him. But the stupendous truth hit İlhan many years later, when he became a successful and wealthy man…


Her Şeye Rağmen


Erdal Murat Aktaş


Erkan Petekkaya
Aslıhan Malbora
Doğukan Güngör
Ekin Mert Daymaz




EMA Creative Works




116 minutes available in HD

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