Nehir is the daughter of Rıza, the owner of the most popular hotel in Cyprus. Despite being the boss’s daughter, she has built a friendly world with all the staff, like family. Her career and her father are always at the forefront. Orçun, on the other hand, grew up with Rıza, became the general manager of the hotel, but started to implement his cruel plan due to the debt swamp he fell into. Orçun’s first plan is to convince Rıza that he is about to die and that he is in love with her daughter Nehir. Therefore, Rıza decides to entrust both his hotel and his daughter to Orçun. Nehir, who is unaware of anything, cannot make sense of this change in her father, goes out into the streets of Cyprus, feeling overwhelmed, and suddenly encounters the handsome Kaan and jumps and hits her head. Nehir doesn’t want to return to the hotel after the hospital, so Kaan takes Nehir to his farm where he takes care of animals in need. Kaan and Nehir start to take the first steps of their love in this fairy tale place, but things get complicated when Nehir learns about her father’s situation.




Nilay İslamoğlu


Nilay Deniz
Ekin Mert Daymaz
Hakan Meriçliler
Gözde Çığacı




NEA Production


Drama, Romance


105 minutes available in HD

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