Kaan, who has a very beautiful and happy life in the place where they live, learns that one day his family will move to Istanbul. This news upsets him. He doesn’t want to leave his friends and the rowing team he loves so much. He must do something to stop this journey. Finally, he finds the solution in the book his aunt gave him as a gift. Through the book “Make a Wish” she discovers how to make a wish, the talisman of purity and kindness. The book opens new horizons for him. The door to a world he never imagined opens.
This is a film that speaks to a time when goodness and universal order in a young child’s world were based on realistic expectation. It is an educational and instructive film that realistically makes sense of the place of magical wishes in life.
It can be said that it is a film that touches critical points in character education, which is the greatest need of the modern age.


Bir Dilek Tut


Meta Akkuş


Altan Erkekli
Vildan Atasever
İhsan Berk Aydın




Best Films Production




95 minutes available in HD

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