Five inseparable friends from the neighborhood, Abaz, Kuan, Max, Rock and Walt, big football fans, are very enthusiastic supporters of local city football club The Dragons. They do not miss a single match in the league. All the club’s goods for cheering; flags, scarves, rattles, clappers, whistles, etc, they have it all. Colors of Dragons are green and bright yellow, and those colors make their daily outfit recognizable. Our heroes became local celebrities in the school and the entire city because of their superb football skills.
The community is multinational and so is this party of friends. The five belongs to the middle class and is not overly worried about this fact. They live perfectly normal teenage life and enjoy in their childhood, finishing primary school. Generally nice boys and average pupils, and like all the other boys of this age, they are not overly worried about education, nor the future. The greatest wish they all share is to travel to 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will take place in Qatar. Football is in their minds and souls, and represents inexhaustable topic of everyday conversation. In the city, there is a little football league, called TCL (Teenage City League), and “Golden Five” is one of the best teams. Every weekend, all over the city, teams play football matches, and update the table of standings. At the end of each season, new city teenage champion is declared. The “Golden Five” is wishing to become a champion, but they never accomplished this.


Golden Five












26 x 5 minutes

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