Our story takes place in a near future. The characters are the ones who has been involed in crimes as a result of their digital addiction and sentenced by the court. Instead of serving their time in a long term regular prison, the court first gives them a chance of a short time, 6 month, in a Digital Crime Prison which is in reality, a rehabilitation center, and located in paradise like a place in the south cost of Agean Sea.Our story is about the days of the prisoners in this Digital Crime Prison. For the addictive prisoners , internet ban is worse then anything else in the world. On the first day, the major rule has been announced ; there will be various games and the prisoners will collect points if they win. The aim is to collect total of 80 points to be free at the end of the 6 months. The ruthless part of the rule is only first 3 prisoners will be the winner. Our movie has several sub stories and surprises. One of them ; Additional reward is; those who have min. 50 points , will be able to have internet access ( 1 point for 1 min. internet ) , but they lose their points .Using the points for internet means giving up the freedom. They have to decide ; “ either internet or freedom ”. The prisoners also can give their internet acsess to other prisoners of their choice. The first, winner of 55 points , a male prisoner, approached by a young and beautiful prisoner girl to transfer of internet usage rights, in return to have sex with her. But young man says “ no “. He doesn’t accept to transfer his right.Later we learn that he is a porn addicted. In this prison, the punishment and the reward is the same thing ; “ internet “ At the end , those who learn how to control themselves in using internet get their freedom , others are sent to the regular prison.


Dijital Esaret


Emre Kavuk


Rasim Öztekin
Özgün Çoban
Kaan Sevi




MinT Motion Pictures




108 minutes available in HD

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