Our story revolves around a family consisting of a hardworking father who is capable of doing many different things, his wife who quit being a teacher to be able to take care of their newborn child, and their beautiful and charming daughter.
Neşe is a girl who has a very close relationship with her father. She’s very energetic and has an extensive imagination. She is very close with her father. Although her father, Erdem, is an influential and important figure in Neşe’s life, he has the spirit of a child, despite his grown-up physical look. Erdem also loves Neşe so much that he tries to leave work early in order to be able to spend time and play games with Neşe. Her mother, on the other hand, is more of an authoritarian figure, and devotes her life trying to take care of her family. It’s almost as if she is the only grown up in the house, and although she tries to keep everything in order, Neşe and Erdem always find a way to include her in their silly activities.
The storyline focuses on Neşe’s life, her time spent with her parents, the way she tries to explore the more complicated aspects of life, and the obstacles the family encounters throughout Neşe’s growth.


Neşeli Aile








Filmix Yapım


3D Animation


26 x 11 minutes in 3D

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