Mexican desert. Hot sun, barren land and scarce overgrowth. One valley and one mountain.
Captain Pepe (proud condor with military background) burned his wings long ago and now he is unable to fly anymore. He heard that eating a tortoise meat could help him grow a pair of new ones.
Lilly the Tortoise lives happily in the valley beneath the Pepe’s mountain in pretty little house with garden, and generally minds its own business. Lilly is equipped with some serious weapons and is very careful, although that is not obvious at first.
Pepe is full with stupid ideas and plans as to how to catch and eat little tortoise. He draws plans on his board and regularly orders a bunch of almost unusable devices by post, which he uses to get to Lilly.
Every time Pepe is on the brink of fulfilling his evil plan, little Lilly always manages to outsmart him at the last minute…

  • Kaptan Pepe NSWD
  • Srdjan Vukmirovic Animation
  • - 26x2,5 minutes
  • YEAR  
  • 2018  

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