The year is 1993. A time when terror has descended upon the region like the Angel of Death. In a corner of the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia region, there were three people… Ufuk, a journalist sent to the region for a news story.

Salman, a town electrician whose two older brothers have joined the terrorist group. Captain Tayfun, whose wife has become pregnant after years of treatment.All three are living their own dramas, unaware of each other.

In fact, what happens in these “four days”, which are as long as an endless tragedy, will devastate Ufuk, Salman and Tayfun, whose paths cross.

Because this is the land of people who are unaware of what each other is going through.


Nefes: Yer Eksi İki


Ozan Uzunoğlu


Murat Yıldırım,
İlker Aksum,
Şahin Kendirci,
Eren Hacısalihoğlu,
Arda Anarat,
Bestemsu Özdemir




Orgino Media


War, Action


120 minutes available in HD

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