Two men question life, conscience, pressures, friendship, imposed masculinity and regrets in these seven days. The two can understand each other despite everything. The two are like reflections of each other in a mirror. Ihsan, who set out on the same journey years ago, sends a greeting to his own youth when he meets Ali. Because there are words that he could not say to that young man. As for Ali, this period is a 7-day week of confrontation. He chases all the delusions of the past. The two gradually get to know each other. Even allowing them to get to know each other is an act of rebellion against what their predecessors did. The one has not come to kill the other without question. Isan gives each day a name and they begin to live the days of the week as required by this name. In their seven days, time floats like a boat floating on a river. This is an experience in which they pursue meaning. They spend 24 hours in accordance with the meaning they place in each day.


Gün Batımına Birkaç Gün Kala


Yüğit Küçükkibar


Uğur Güneş,
Serkan Ercan,
Devrim Yakut,
Bülent Şakrak




Pera Prodüksiyon, Q Medya, Selekman Film


Drama, Psychological Thriller


85 Minutes

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