A police officer who has given up on his love, life and humanity,a woman possesed by revenge and the will to fight for her love…

A mother carrying the burden of a secret that she has been hiding…

A father and a son who are enemies…

The Compromise is the story of Ali, a police officer who dedicates his life to his undercover mission losing his loved ones and his real identity while reaching the deep secrets of his own life.

The Compromise is the story of people captured between the light and the dark between good and bad; their life in the purgatory…

Drama 2012

Production Company : Base's Productions / Fox
Directed By : Fulya Yavuzoglu
Cast :
Saruhan Hunel 
Selin Ortacli 
Hakan Ural 
Burak Sergen 
Başak Sayan 
Duration :
68 x 45 mins.
Available in HD