A rag doll who dreams of becoming human and falling in love…

And a desperate father who lost his wife and all hopes to fall in love again…

When the wish of the beautiful rag doll Nana is granted by the fairy queen of the toy world Kulina, things don't go exactly the way she had planned…

Moving in with the family of the widowed father, she is faced with love, jealousy, and anger for the first time. While she protects the kids with her magical powers against their stepmother’s ruthless plans, she tries to cope with her complicated and humane feelings for the father.

But she can only stay human for one year and only from sunrise to midnight – long year, filled with love, laughter, adventure, and magic!

Drama 2008- 2010

Production Company : Focus Film
Directed By : Serpil Kurtca
Cast :
Tan Sagturk 
Evrim Akın 
Fatos Kabasakal 
Oya Aydogan 
Duration :
101 x 75 mins.