In love since childhood, Nazlı and Mustafa cannot get married due to their financial situation and break up in front of their families, friends, and neighbors. However, their love is only strengthened by their breakup and becomes a myth in the neighborhood.

Nazlı is about to get engaged to Teoman, the son of the wealthiest man in the area, when Mustafa raids the engagement party and destroys the event. Finally Mustafa’s father asks permission from Nazlı’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage to his son.

But a kickbox instructor, Mustafa is working on the other side of the city in a big sports complex. Juggling a life between the rich at work and the poor when he’s back in the area where they live, he meets a new girl, the beautiful and wealthy Belda, in his kickboxing class and she will cause huge complications in Mustafa and Nazli’s love.

Drama 2008

Production Company : Avşar Film / ATV
Directed By : Mehmet Ulukan
Cast :
Ozcan Deniz 
Meltem Cumbul 
Ugur Polat 
Ece Sukan 
Duration :
21 x 80 mins.