Menderes keeps having nightmares because of a traumatic car accident that he had in the past. One night, he wakes up terrified and goes for a walk in the college campus. During his walk, he sees Leyla at her window but she does not see him. The next day, he comes across Leyla again. Leyla is talking with her friends about true love and how much she believes in soulmates, despite her friends’ disbelief in these affairs. Upon witnessing this conversation, Menderes, who knows that he will never be able to experience such love, decides to make anonymous gestures to Leyla.

Leyla falls in love with this mysterious man despite not having even met him but Menderes, full of mysteries, will never be able to reveal his true identity to Leyla.

Drama 2007- 2009

Production Company : Focus Film / Fox
Directed By : Serkan Birinci
Cast :
Tuba Unsal 
Serhan Yavas 
Zeyno Ustunisik 
Duration :
90 x 42 mins.