An epic love story in the shadow of the Turkish War of Independence…

The story begins at Nazım Bey's farm where they prepare for an engagement party. Distant blasts are the hints of a change of the fate of all inhabitants at the farm. Nazım Bey meets with Captain Cemal, which will change his daughter’s entire life. Carefully trained and educated by her rich father, Nazlı will have to learn to fight with difficulties. Falling in love with her at first sight, it will not be easy for Cemal to confess his love to Nazlı, who is engaged to a soldier in his command.

During the war, Nazlı starts to live with her nieces Zeynep and Ayşe and has to resist against gangs, soldier traffickers, and the anti-Republican mukhtar and his son.

After the war, Cemal decides to stay in Anatolia instead of going to Ankara, the new capital. He gets a position in the area where Nazlı lives but hides his feelings for Nazlı, out of respect to Ahmet’s memory, a member of his own troop. Nazlı, whose fiancé Ahmet died at the war, tries to build up her father’s farm again.

Period, Drama 2005

Production Company : Avsar Film / Kanal D
Directed By : M. Cagatay Tosun
Cast :
Mehmet Ali Nuroglu 
Ozge Ozberk 
Demet Elcin 
Duration :
64 x 42 mins.