Watching the game at home is not enough anymore!

“The League” is a competition between overenthusiastic fans and their rivals. A quiz show about team sports such as Soccer, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby and so on, it will run simultaneously with the schedule of the chosen professional league.

Fanatics will create their own leagues and try to prove their knowledge against their rivals to become champions, even if their professional team loses in the actual game giving them the chance to feel like a winners.


Each team will be composed of 5 main players and 2 substitutes who are chosen using various tactics: through an online timed Q&A or directly from the team’s fan club.

During the show, each team member will compete using the colors of the team that they are representing.

Depending on the category of sports, questions will cover general knowledge, rules, or history, and can be both local and international. All the rules of the chosen sport will be applied to the game!

Period: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Time Slot: Day Time
Duration: 45’