The world’s most entertaining quiz show: Answer If You Can!

No! It’s not enough to give the right answers from your comfy seat!

Can you answer at any time, under any circumstances?

10 questions.

Brilliantly designed, challenging, fun, and concentration killing performances.

Oh yes, it’s hard! But not impossible!

The big prize is 100.000 Dollars!

The world is changing. People are changing.

TV watching habits are changing.

The audience wants something different!

They have enough with standard quiz shows where contestants quietly sit and answer questions to win the big prize.

They want brains, action, and fun, all at the same time!

Now they will get it!

“Answer If You Can” is a unique TV format based on show, performance, and knowledge. The contestants are asked to answer questions while being in uncomfortable situations, specifically designed to distract their attention according to their personalities, habits, fears, and weaknesses.

Period: Weekly
Time Slot: Prime Time
Duration: 90’