Inter Medya - Oasis

"In desert life the wise traveler travels with the caravan while the fool prefers to travel alone"
Bedouin Proverb

We are taking you on the best journey of your life!

But this can be a dream… Or a nightmare!

Do you have a life partner, who will be there for you no matter what?

Do you think no one can beat you when you are together?

If the answer is yes, OASIS is the place for you.

A brand new endurance-reality show!

2 teams composed of 7 couples each.

Couples will fight back to back on vehicles using cutting edge technology.

Depending on their performances,

their home may become:

a tent on the rough desert,

a platform on the rolling sea,

or one of the most luxurious oases ever designed.


In order to stay in Oasis, TRUST is the KEY WORD!

Period: Twice a week
Time Slot: Prime Time
Duration: 90’