Every year, thousands of people devote their free time to work in soup kitchens, take care of the elderly, or support the disabled, without getting anything in return. A show about helping others, “Be Positive” features volunteers, whether they are young or old, employed or unemployed.

Each week in “Be Positive,” a volunteer guides viewers through their work. The audience goes with them wherever they operate – to centers for senior citizens, bases for immigrants, homes of people with dependencies or neighborhoods filled with drug addicts.

When Javier, an employee at a multinational company, finishes his job, he changes into his volunteer uniform. He drives and collects food from several supermarkets in the city and carries them to a social dining room. Viewers get to understand his motivations behind helping others and see his reactions when collecting the food and treating indigents.

The program presents different stories from different volunteers, and at the same time gives information about charity work. “Be Positive” is a bulletin board in which citizens are encouraged to participate in such activities and initiatives.

Period: Daily
Time Slot: Day Time
Duration: 30’