Get your inner singer self out of the shower! A musical talent show, “The Shower” is perfect for those who say they can only sing in the shower.

In each episode, 9 contestants are invited to sing in “the shower” as they usually do – feeling safe and sound.

But there is a twist! The audience has complete control over the temperature of the shower through a simple mobile application. If they decide that the contestant should never be allowed to sing in public, they engulf him/her in steam and eliminate him/her. If, however, they see a hidden artist who deserves to show their talent beyond the shower, they raise the water temperature until the door opens. Aiming to qualify for the finale, the uncovered talent ends the professional performance wearing a bathrobe.

Chosen by the public, the final 3 participants get the chance to return to the set, with a complete physical make-over facilitated by their celebrity managers. Performing one after the other and, later on, in a musical medley, they try to impress the audience who chooses their favorite through the official mobile application. The contestant with the most votes gets out of the shower and is proclaimed the champion of the episode. Qualifying for the grand finale, he/she is showered in praises while the worst 2 have to end their dream of becoming a star by taking a “cold shower.”

Period: Weekly
Time Slot: Prime Time
Duration: 60’