What would you do for € 200,000?

Would you lie to your family? Quit your job? Disappear without leaving a trace? Follow orders without asking questions?

A race against the clock to freedom, “Ransom” is a television game show that takes place in the asphalt jungle of a large city and in which the contestant accepts to be kidnapped for four days in exchange of the considerable prize of € 200,000. But it’s not that easy! In order to win this money, the contestant must overcome a series of tasks, challenges, and obstacles.

He/she will start the show with a backpack full of ransom money, and every time he/she fails on finishing the given task or requests help from others, he/she will lose part of that money, therefore decreasing the final amount. In order to spend less of the money, the contestant must not lose his/her physical ability and mental resistance. The contestant’s family must also help him/her but without knowing that it is a television show. Will they accept instructions no matter how strange and inexplicable they might seem?

Period: Weekly
Time Slot: Prime Time
Duration: 60’