Talent judged straight from the heart!

“Lubdub” is a competition where talent is only judged by its ability to move hearts. For the first time on TV, the judges and the audience don’t decide; they just feel.

Are you ready to feel?

In each episode, 8 children, with a special talent, are faced with an unprecedented challenge: to emotionally move both the panel of judges and the audience in a 100% honest and scientifically tested way.

Using an “emotion meter” that analyzes arterial pressure, heart beat, and skin conductance, the program shows in real time if their performances arouse emotions or not. Only those who manage to affect more than half of the audience go through to the next round where the judges have the last word. At the finale, the jury’s emotions will decide who the winner is.

Period: Weekly
Time Slot: Prime Time
Duration: 60’