The film tells the story of Arif, a carpet seller in Antalya who gets kidnapped by alliens and taken to the planet G.O.R.A. While Arif tries to get back to the world he falls in love with the planet’s princess Ceku. Our hero has to fight with the commandant Logar and ends up saving the planet G.O.R.A.

Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi 2014

Production Company : BKM
Directed By : Ömer Faruk Sorak
Cast :
Cem Yılmaz 
Özge Özberk 
Ozan Güven 
Özkan Uğur 
Rasim Öztekin 
Şafak Sezer 
Erdal Tosun 
İdil Fırat 
Cezmi Baskın 
Engin Günaydın 
Duration : Available in HD