Using Voodoo, an ancient African priest creates an indestructible evil drawing tool to be used for revenge. The Kulec Stick is rediscovered by a boy in modern day America, and it conjures a giant serpent that kills his abusive dad. Terrified, the child burries it, and the monster hibernates in a sugar cane field nearby.

20 years later, the cursed instrument is dug up by his wife, who is accidently killed bye college teens vacationing in their small rural farming town. Vengeful, he again draws the monster which awakens and starts killing them off one by one. Now the only thing that stands in its way is Army Special ops vet and master hunter Nick Kirabo who has been waiting for the ''Lockjaw'' to return.

Drama 2008

Production Company :
Directed By : Amir Valinia
Cast :
Wes Brown 
Sheldon Robins 
Lisa Arnold