Deliha follows the hilarious exploits of a slightly crazy, decidedly droll and genuinely good-natured young woman in search of love. Written by Gupse Özay, who stars in the title role, the movie promises audiences laughs and adventure aplenty. Crazy Zeliha's story begins when she goes to a fortune-teller one day with her friends. The very same day, Cemal and his gorgeous-looking brother, Cemil, open a photography studio in the neighborhood and things become to get complicated.

Drama, Comedy 2014

Production Company : BKM
Directed By : Hakan Aygül
Cast :
Gupse Özay 
Derya Alabora 
Esin Eden 
Cihan Ercan 
Barış Arduç 
Korhan Hepduran 
Zeynep Çamcı 
Duration : Available in HD