"Get ready for an adventure that you will never forget, Mexico is waiting for you"

AMIGOS: The Mexican Treasure tells the story of four buddies who is hunting a treasure down in Mexico. 

AMIGOS, led by Captain Cevdet, is a gang composed of four lazy buddies who spend their daily lives fooling around and dealing with the tasks given by the godfather Hamza.  

Captain chases The Mexican Treasure which he accidentally knew about. Nevertheless, there are also other people who are chasing the same treasure and they all find themselves in an adventure that will take them from the Village of Zigsonya to Mexico. 

Comedy 2016

Production Company : AC 23 Film
Directed By : Çağatay Özkan
Cast :
Nami Esatgil 
Hamit Demir 
Kağan Öztop 
Suat Inal