After her husband, had left her years ago leaving his son behind as well, Signora Enrica became famous in Rimini with not letting in a single male even through the door of her house. She rents the spare rooms in her house to female students, tailors as a secondary job and also works at the local markets. She is to break this rule which she kept for many years for a Turkish student who ended up at her doorstep with a misunderstanding on a rainy night; for Ekin… Although in the beginning she wouldn’t want to open the doors of her house to this stranger, Signora Enrica would later not only open the house doors but also her heart which she kept locked for many years to this young Turkish man… Ekin, falls in love with a Sicilian girl called Valentina. Who stays at Signora Enrica’s house and tries to communicate with her unsuccessfully although he doesn’t speak or understand a single word of Italian. Giovanni who was only one year old when his father left home is Signora Enrica’s only son. He had to grow up in an environment where there was no affection or love to him from his mother mainly at boarding schools because of her growing hatred for men in general. As a result of this traumatized childhood, Giovanni became an antisocial jobless alcoholic and turned into a vagrant who continuisly disturbs his mother for money. On a night that he harassed his mother for money again, Ekin would get involved and Giovanni would leave without getting what he came for. This İncident is to change the whole run of events and the relation between Signora Enrica & Ekin and Ekin would meet a brand new Signora Enrica with next morning onwards.

Drama, Comedy 2010

Production Company : Ares Group
Directed By : Ali Ilhan
Cast :
İsmail Hacıoğlu 
Fahriye Evcen 
Claudia Cardinale