Tuncer who is in his mid forties has divorced his wife years ago and lives on his own. Tuba who doesn’t know about his father’s existence find Tuncer in front of him just 3 weeks before her 18th birthday. She goes on a trip with him beyond her wildest dreams. During this trip while she gets to know the man that claims is her father, she also is faced with many surprises She will meet new loves as much as she will miss old ones.

Tuncer tries to build memories for Tuba who didn’t have a single memory about him, because life is not about regretting the moments we miss but about the memories that were created.

Drama 2013

Production Company : Avşar Film
Directed By : Hakan Haksun
Cast :
Yetkin Dikiciler 
Eda Ece 
İnci Türkay 
Berke Üzrek 
Yakup Yavru 
Duration : 100 min. Available in HD