In 1982 in Adıyaman a group of musicians is having a hard time making Money due to the night time curfew. The solution that they find to get by has them arrested. When the commandant of the city decides to make out of these musicians an orchestra, events start to unfold.

They are asked to play at the reception ceremony of the Council members who are visiting the city. However not only the musicians are there to welcome them but also the young activists of the city are waiting for them.

Haydar, student at the social studies faculty doesn’t listen to his brother Servet who says “We are musicians. Musicians are not revolutionists, they are not communists.” And decides to prepare a protest for the council members. In order to realize this protest he asks for Gülemdan, the orchestra’s chef’ daughter, with whom they are madly and secretly in love.

The authority on the one hand and the orchestra, on the other hand the revolutionary youth. When these two groups meet, the consequences will surprise everyone.

Drama 2014

Production Company : BKM
Directed By : Sırrı Süreyya Önder & Muharrem Gülmez
Cast :
Cezmi Baskın 
Özgü Namal 
Umut Kurt 
Nazmi Kırık 
Bahri Beyat 
Meral Okay 
Dilber Ay 
Oktay Kaynarca 
Duration : TBA Available in HD