After being abducted by an eccentric middle-aged man, Kate Walker, 30, awakens to find herself in a small chamber with wall-to-wall blood-stained cracked tiles. The room looks like it could be part of a long forgotten asylum, or worse. There is a large steel door on one wall. The door opens. Kate and 19 other people emerge from adjacent chambers. The group soon discovers that they have been abducted and placed into a nightmarish labyrinth where they are hunted for sport by unearthly demon-like creatures.

Almost immediately, a man is dragged into the darkness by one of the beasts. Kate and the others frantically escape in the other direction. The hunt is on. Trying to find safety, they separate as they race down the corridors, only to be killed one-by-one. Soon the group is reduced to only a few survivors. During the chase, Kate is rescued by Jack, a man who claims he has been hiding from the creatures for weeks. He thinks he has found a way out – but he needs Kate's help. Reluctantly, Kate agrees and together they attempt to escape from the labyrinth and the creatures.

Kate and Jack maneuver their way through the labyrinth enduring evil traps, strange otherworldly environments and more creatures. Just when Kate and Jack think they are free, they find themselves confronted by the man who abducted them. He explains that our world is connected to the labyrinth, and he has made a pact with the creatures. As long as he provides them with fresh souls to hunt, the creatures will remain in the labyrinth and spare his life along with the rest of mankind. The deal must not be broken.

Creature Feature 2007

Production Company :
Directed By : Drew Maxwell
Cast :
Katy Colloton 
Edy Cullen 
Tom Lodewyck 
Leah Rose