While he was a music producer, Berk Ataman’s career and love life turn upside down and he decides to build a new life. He moves to Cyprus from Istanbul and settles into a calm life where the sun meets the sea. He finds the peace that he was looking for with his boat and his house that he shared with his loneliness for 13 years. His life will change with a new crisis after the one in 2001.

Ezel who is full of life and who lives life like an adventure will drag Berk from the boat to the house, from the house to Cyprus streets and finally to Istanbul.

Along with Ezel will come love to Berk’s quiet, simple life.

A love story that everyone will envy.

A love that will cause sorrow in the audience. “I Love You Man” is a love story that you will watch in tears…

Drama 2014

Production Company : Galip Gültekin & Berk Sağlık & Sonku Gültekin
Directed By : Biray Dalkıran
Cast :
Gizem Karaca 
Barış Kılıç 
Asuman Dabak 
Serhat Özcan 
Orçun Kaptan 
Ayşen Gruda 
Yıldız Kültür 
Duration : TBA Available in HD