The movie that tells the story of two people in love who decide to leave everything and pursue their dream, their love and their music will meet the audiance on the 29th of October.

The character of Ayperi is played by Farah Zeynep Abdullah and her biggest support on her way to fame Tarık is played by Mehmet Günsur. Tarık who’s father is the district governor and who has been tranfered to a small town, meets Ayperi who will make his dreams come true.

While playing football with boys, she will discover her femininity and the reality that she has to follow her dreams. Meeting Tarık, the city boys that plays the guitar will change her life.

In the road of fame that Tarık and Ayperi travel combining love and music, their friend that will follow them everywhere Erhan is played by Kerem Bürsin.

Drama 2014

Production Company : Taff Pictures
Directed By : Çağan Irmak
Cast :
Farah Zeynep Abdullah 
Kerem Bürsin 
Işıl Yücesoy 
Gözde Cığacı 
Duration : TBA Available in HD