DAMIAN has been trained in "BALLISTICA;" a deadly form of hand-to-hand combat using ballistics and firearms. He is one of the few Americans who has perfected it, which makes him the CIA’s best weapon against International Terrorism. But now, a deadly organization known as the “Hand of Truth,” have developed an experimental bomb that threatens the lives of millions. Together with his Operations Commander, RILEY, Damian must embark on an international manhunt to find the Micro-Pulse Bomb and the sinister man who wields it.

His arch nemesis, DRAGOMIR. The only problem is that everyone capable of disarming the bomb have been killed, save one; the beautiful DR. ALEXA TANNER. Now Damian must protect Alexa from assassination, find the bomb and get her close enough to disarm the weapon before it can be detonated. But in a world of Spies, intrigue and international terrorism, who will be the last one standing in the Duel of BALLISTICA

Action 2010

Production Company :
Directed By : Gary Jones
Cast :
Paul Hogan 
Martin Kowe 
Robert Davi 
Andrew Divoff