Mahpeyker is the story of a young girl who was brought to Istanbul with a slave group and given up for adoption to a family and how she obtained the power to manage the Ottoman Empire.

Destiny will bring Emine to meet with the Sultan Ahmet the 1st  at the Topkapı Palace and although being against palace tradition and in spite of his mother Handan Sultan and the only ruler of the Harem of the Topkapı Palace’s Harem, The Great Valide Safiye Sultan’s objections, Ahmet the first marries her and names her Mahpeyker. The sultans Safiye and Handan being unhappy with this situation, take Mahpeyker away from Ahmet with the excuse of introducing her to palace traditions and guiding Ahmet to Mahfiruz in order to forget Mahpeyker.

During the time that Ahmet asked for her and got the answer “Her education is ongoing”, Mahpeyker was being tear down and knocked over by the two most powerful women of the Harem and Mahfiruz gains respect in the Harem by becoming the mother of Ahmet’s first kids. Mahpeyker’s luck will turn around when she tries to escape from the palace in despair and gets caught. When Ahmet finds out that his mother and grandmother were preventing him from getting together with Mahpeyker, he realizes that he made a big mistake by believing what he was told and decides to stay with Mahpeyker forever…

After ascending to Sultana she lives the last and biggest love of the Ottoman Palace. With the death of Ahmet the 1st at 28 years old, she will lose her status during the short sultanate of the Sultan Mustafa and Young Osman. However with her 10 years old son Murat the 4th becomes the sultan, she will manage the empire for 10 years until her son is old enough to take over. The fraternal killing for authority that the Sultan Ahmet ended would restart with Murat the 4th by trying to kill the only other heir to the throne Ibrahim. Mahpeyker will stop him and will prevent the end of the Ottoman dynasty. She will do anything including conspiracy and assassination in order to obtain the power that she once had.

Drama 2014

Production Company : Özkan Yılmaz
Directed By : Tarkan Özel
Cast :
Selda Alkor 
Damla Sönmez 
Gökhan Mumcu 
Selda Özer 
Ayten Soykök 
Öykü Çelik 
Başak Parlak 
Mehmet Günsür 
Duration : TBA Available in HD