The film is about a sculptor trying to find his true calling by helping a young boy with tetra-amelia syndrome.

Temmuz, a sculptor who is having creator’s block with his latest work repeatedly sees a face talking to him and calling him in his dreams. One day while he is sitting at the park, he sees a young boy with tetra-amelia syndrome, Ihsan, who looks exactly like the face he sees in his dream. He meets the boy and his family, and their friendship begins. Ihsan asks Temmuz to end his misery because he thinks it is best for everyone. Temmuz agrees, but he has another plan; he shows Ihsan that they complete each other.

Drama 2014

Production Company : Taff Pictures
Directed By : Çağan Irmak
Cast :
Deniz Çeliloğlu 
Aras Bulut İynemli 
Sumru Yavrucuk 
Zuhal Gencer Erkay 
Gürkan Uygun 
Aslı Enver 
Duration : 92 mins.