Behzat C. has been suspended from the department until the end of the administrative invetigation on his behalf. He has been coaching the junior league. Everything turns upside down with the murder of the Internal Affairs Minister.

Although Behzat C. Does not want to go back to work, he thinks that he can put an end to the chaos in the country by finding the killer. He does not believe that there is a terrorist organisation behind this murder like the government claims.

Behzat C. and his team while trying to solve the case will also have to fight against Ercument Cozer.

Drama, Action, Crime 2013

Production Company : Adam Film
Directed By : Serdar Akar
Cast :
Erdal Beşikçioğlu 
Fatih Artman 
Nejat İşler 
Serenay Sarıkaya 
Sanem Çelik 
Aslı Tandoğan 
İnanç Konukçu 
Berkan Sal 
Duration : 106 mins.