Our story begins in Thessalonica, 1888. A blue eyed, blonde kid runs after crows on the endless fields of Thessalonica. And suddenly he sees a tree with a bird in a cage on it? The branch that he stands on breaks while he?s climbing the tree to get the cage. He falls down and hits his head to the ground.

He closes his eyes. Fade out.

Fade in to Topkapi Palace. The year is 2008. We understand that the Treaty of Sèvres was signed, American mandate was accepted and the country is ruled by constitutional monarchy while the Sultan has a symbolic authority. In fact, everything is ruled by the Chamberlain Ibrahim Pasha.

And the aim of Grand Vizier Sadik Muhtar, who is the president of the limited government, is to join the EU, get rid of the Sultan and become the real ruler of the country by being the prime minister.

One day, after he fights with his wife, Sultan Osman the 7th takes a walk in the garden of the Palace and runs into a bunch of Fine Arts students who restore the Palace. He falls in love with Asude, who is one of those students. His world becomes upside down by that love.

The country will face a new situation now...

Comedy 2008

Production Company : Avşar Film / Şükrü Avşar
Directed By : Murat Saraçoğlu
Cast :