The polar ice-caps are melting... Entire continents are on fire... All around the world man is destroying the natural habitat for all living creatures. The Okavango Delta in Africa is the last paradise on earth where all animals can roam freely. It is here where mischievous little meerkat Billy and his best friend Sokrates, a vegetarian peacenik lion, await the same cycle as every year: the annual flood that inundates the Delta and guarantees its survival. Only this time the water doesn’t come.

Wanting to prove to his adoring son Junior that he’s not the screwball loser everyone thinks he is, Billy sets out to find water, accompanied by Sokrates. On their journey, they meet a truly wild and funny bunch of animals from all over the world, who have flocked to Africa in search of a new home, as their old homes have been ravaged by fire, oil spills, or other man-made disasters. Billy discovers the reason for the lack of water in the Delta: A dam has been constructed to supply energy for a luxury resort!

Animation 3-D 2010

Production Company :
Directed By : Reinhard Klooss / Holger Tappe
Cast :